Mare Safety sponsored Torseth

15 jan 2015

He was the first man to visit the North Pole on a snowmobile. Last weekend he visited Mare Safety who sponsored his next adventure as a 66 year old man. Ragnar Torseth will row from Norway to Shetland – and back home!

Managing Director, Mr. Reidar Vågeskar from Mare Safety welcomes Mr. Ragnar Torseth at the docks just outside Mare Safety`s headquarter. In a rowing boat Mr. Torseth navigate smoothly to the docks.

He is full of enthusiasm and commitment when he tells about his new expedition. Thorseth will repeat the legendary rowing from 1969 in an identical row boat as the one he had back in the sixties. But now he will double the distance. From Utvær, which is the last landfall point in Norway, and over to Out Skerries, a group of islands all the way north in Shetland, it is 320 km. The rowing expedition is planned for next summer, 2015, when Ragnar is 67 and retired.

Mare Safety has sponsored Torseth significant and wish the adventurer from Sunnmøre best of luck with the expedition.

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