Bulls eye in Alaska

01 mar 2018

Deliver two new boats to the American Seafoods Group in mid May.

Mare Safety AS from Ulsteinvik has for a long time been working to establish a customer group in the United States. The decommissioned work is now paying off, and American Seafoods Group has ordered two MARE GTC700 Twin Outboard boats.

Supplementing boats

Seattle-based American Seafood will use the two new boats as complementary boats between fishing vessels in the Alaska areas, and Product Manager Geir Over Molvær in Mare Safety has visited the company in the hometown for specification and negotiation.

  • It is very nice that American Seafoods Group has chosen Mare Safety as a supplier of new boats. The agreement came into port through a good cooperation with our agent ElectoMarine, which is also located in Seattle, says Molvær.

    He explains that the customer, in turn, has had the opportunity to arrange the boats at their own request to suit the daily use.

  • Even though the boats are largely built on the same base as other boat models, our customers can adapt the boats to a considerable extent, and we often go a long way to accommodate, subject to the satisfaction of the requirements for safety. These boats are created for harsh environments, and will fit American Seafoods well, Molvær strikes.

    Door opener

    Mare Safety looks at the new delivery to the states as a door opener to the US market. The boats are the first in Mare Safety’s history, to be shipped in containers to the United States.

  • We have recently delivered some offers to customers in the United States. It is clear that this new agreement will act as a door opener and an experience that we take in the form of further development of our products against American working methods. An important value is our well-established Seattle agent operating in a fairly relevant area for the environment our boats are built and constructed for, concludes Molvær.

  • The boats were ordered at the American Seafoods Group in January 2018 and will be delivered in mid May. Both boats are equipped with two twin Yamaha 115 HP engines.

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