Aukra Maritime has developed a wery good functional davit that open a hatch and launch the rescue boat fast and easily.

A digital newspaper source have made a video presentation of a brand new standby vessel where Mare Safety have delivered a  Mare MSDC Daughtercraft, two Mare GTC 700 and complete galley and equipement to mess room.

Newbuild «Viking Neptun» from Kleven Yard in Ulsteinvik, has soon reached its end at the docks. The huge supply vessel belonging to Eidesvik Offshore, is fully equipped with all sorts of equipment, among them a galley and mess room delivered from Mare Safety. Its a proud experience for Mare Safety to take part of such innovative ships. Mare Safety would like to thank all involved part for the assignment.

Mare Safety celebrated 15 years 14. – 16. November 2014.

«Stril Barents» is finally a part of the seven seas.

He was the first man to visit the North Pole on a snowmobile. Last weekend he visited Mare Safety who sponsored his next adventure as a 66 year old man. Ragnar Torseth will row from Norway to Shetland – and back home!

From monday next week, you can meet us at ONS 2014 in Stavanger, Norway.

Wednesday handed Mare Safety in Ulste nvik a new fire- and rescue boat to Molde fire- and rescueservices.

Mare Safety transportet NRK filming crew to Borgarøya Island near Ulsteinvik centre.

Somewhere around 200 participants attended this year’s conference organized by IL Hødd.