Mare Safety have employed Are Nørvåg (39) as CEO to take over the wheel after longterm pre CEO, Mr. Reidar Vågeskar. Garshol arrives Mare Safety August 1st, from a position as CEO at Olav E. Fiskerstrand AS. Garshol have previously have managing positions from other maritime business, and are therefore looking forward to engage Mare Safety`s position as an attractive supplyer in the maritime market, both national and international, along with the exisiting employees at Mare Safety. Pre CEO, Mr. Reidar Vågeskar, will continue his work at Mare Safety, with sales managing, developement and followup for the main customers. Mare Safety is experiencing a market improvement, altough the previously years have been week. Mare Safety`s latest establishments in new markets, has given the company better results and increased activity.

Mare Safety AS har tilsett Are Nørvåg Garshol (39) som ny adm. direktør frå 1. august 2018. Garshol kjem frå stillinga som adm. direktør i selskapet Olav E. Fiskerstrand AS.

Mare Safety have signed a new dealer agreement with Metos for supplying galley equipment.

Mare Safety sin nye leverandøravtale gir nye marine moglegheiter og fungerer som ein døropnar til den landlege marknaden.

Mare Safety is this year participating at the ONS Exhibition in Stavanger, Norway. Please step by for a chat. We look forward to see you.

Utstyrsleverandør fra Ulsteinvik har sikret storkontrakt med Kleven.

Mare Safety is participating at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans, USA, together with our agent Diesel Propulsion Service by Karl Johan Tomren. From Mare Safety, you will be able to speek to our boat product manager, Mr. Geir Ove Molvær. The exhibition runs from 1st. – 3rd december. Welcome.

Mare Safety is participating at the Marintec China exhibition in Shanghai, from dec 1st. – 4th december. At MC, you are able to meet our CEO Mr. Reidar Vågeskar and Sales Manager Mr. Jarl Andre Andersen. You can also speek with our brand new agent, Leading Marine from China. Looking forward seeing you here.

Mare Safety CEO, Mr. Reidar Vågeskar and Sales Manager Mr. Jarl Andre Andersen, are both in China for the annual Marintec China Exhibtion from 1st – 4th december 2015. One day ahead the exhibition, Mare Safety sign a Sales Agent Agreement with Leading Marine in China. The SAA with Leading Marine is a good and important cooperation for Mare Safety, and we look forward to cooperate with Leading.

Mare Safety AS er en bedrift som selger utstyr som MOB-båter, komplette bysseløsninger til den maritime sektoren. Vi holder til i Ulsteinvik på Sunnmøre. Vi er for tiden 15 ansatte i bedriften og har holdt på siden 1999. Vi har en ordnet og god økonomi, med en omsetning på ca. 100 mill. Bedriften er sertifisert etter ISO 9001:2008.