Rescue Boats & Davits

Mare Safety AS are proud to be able to offer services and repair work at the highest quality standards. Our service department offer mandatory services and certifications throughout the whole life-expectancy of your MOB and Davit system. We also do repairs, modifications and product specific training for your crew members. We are strictly following the IMO intensions with MSC1206 when it comes to annual and 5-year inspection and certification of your Life Saving Equipment.

Our technicians are trained and certified after MSC.1/Circ. 1277 and are following the strict guidelines required by SOLAS. We have technicians who are ready to travel at very short notice. They all have extensive safety training for offshore travel and normally we can reach most of the world within 48 hours. With our network of service stations around the world, covering the most important shipping and oil hot-spots, we can offer cost effective services at very short notice, reducing your down time and cost to a minimum. After annual and 5-year survey, wa certificate describing what has been done to your equipment is issued. Please contact us for more information about Fleet Service Agreement and us as an Lifetime Service Provider.

You can choose to call us directly to our office switchboard or service phone. If your call is placed outside the office opening hours, you will be automatically we redirected to the service phone.


+47 96 91 98 00


Mandatory yearly and 5-year surveys ar available at our workshop, or locally onboard your ship/platform wherever you are located.


We provide service for your MOB and Davits based on manufactures recomendations, both yearly and 5-year. We also offer extended warranty in certain circumstances if we are chosen as the service provider for your boat.o.

Modification & Refurbishing

We can modify existing MOB boats to meet all the newest requirements and standards. We also offer complete refurbishing of old boats.

MOB Boat Rental

Mare Safety normally have certified MOB boats available for short- or long time rental, both new and used.